So, its been a while… I’ve been extremely busy with work these past couple of weeks.  Any free time I had was dedicated to hotel planning, which I can now say has been a complete success.  All reservations have been confirmed so I can relax and start planning all of the fun stuff!

Dublin- 2 nights at the O’Callaghan Stephens Green Hotel

This was the last hotel I booked and was by far the most difficult to decide upon.  Every hotel I was checking on tripadvisor had something I just didn’t like.  I found that trying to find a good location and a good price in Dublin is very difficult.  I literally just decided to do one of those secret deals on priceline for a 4-star hotel in the area around Temple Bar. If anyone truly knows me they would recognize the turmoil I felt when I entered all the credit card info and finally hit the submit button.  I was like “Oh my gosh!  What am I doing?  What if I get a horrible hotel?  No, that won’t happen its guarenteed to be a 4-star hotel I’ll be happy… but that area covers a large distance!  What if I am all the way at the bottom of the area?!  Moment of truth… oh thank goodness it is a great place!”
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Galway- 5 nights at the Asgard Guesthouse

I am most excited to stay at this bed & breakfast.  I booked this directly through their website.  I don’t like to book bed & breakfasts on any of the discount websites just to help keep profit at the establishment.  All I had to do was fill out an inquiry form on the site and received an email from the owner within the hour. A very quick and painless process.

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Ennis- 1 night at the Old Ground Hotel

I booked this hotel back in mid-January.  Since I’ll be staying in Ennis during Fleadh Nua I figured I should be sure and book way in advance.  Ended up paying full price for this on their website since the other websites were showing no availability, but I got a room and that’s all that matters in my eyes.  Plus I really wanted to stay here the hotel itself looks amazing!

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Shannon- 1 night at the Park Inn at the airport

This was actually the first hotel I reserved mainly since there were only two choices I was considering near the airport.  Priceline seemed to have the best deal on this place.  My flight coming home is at 11:30AM.  I don’t like to risk it with airports so I figured it would be best if I stayed at the airport for the last night.  I’ll definitely be hanging out in Ennis for a while the night before though!

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