Business Trip — Greenville, SC

Latest up and coming adventure… Greenville, South Carolina!

In my line of work, sometimes I’m required to travel.  I usually get stuck having to go to the middle of nowhere, but I got lucky this time!  The customer is located right outside of Greenville.  Everyone in the office always wonders why I am always so ecstatic when it comes to visiting the customer (this is especially true considering some of these visits are last minute and there are issues that need to be addressed).  However, this trip is for a day of training.  The truth is… I tend to treat every trip as my own personal adventure of a new location.  Work is work I’ll make the best out of where I am when I’m done at the end of the day.

I plan on hitting downtown Greenville to see what the historic town has to offer as well as venturing out to see the more scenic areas that Upcountry South Carolina has to offer.  It looks like every Thursday evening starting in Spring they hold an outdoor concert… so I planned my hotel within walking distance.  It also looks like a stop to Dark Corner Distillery is in place- they’ve got good reviews on TripAdvisor for their moonshine so I’ll probably invest in some Apple Pie.  In addition to that I’m really want to find some boiled peanuts along the roadside – hopefully it isn’t too early in the season for that!