Short Recap

Alright, I haven’t had a bunch of free time to spend writing these posts so I’ll try to catch up everyone up now. I’ll have to post pictures later though because I’m short on time this morning. I am taking a bus tour to the Cliffs of Moher today.

I woke up early to explore Dublin a little bit more. At this point I was just about ready to get out of the city. I knew I wanted to take the earlier express bus to Galway so I had to do as much as possible in the time I had. I got a breakfast bar from a grocery store and headed to St. Patrick’s Cathedral. It didn’t open until 9 so I spent a little bit of time getting exterior pictures. They started letting people in 10 minutes early which was nice. You had to pay to get in which in a way doesn’t seem right but the money is supposed to help the restoration so I guess that made it better. After I was done there I headed north to Christchurch Cathedral. They however didn’t open until 12:30 so I wouldn’t get to see inside. I met a guy from North Dakota who was in the Air Force working in Germany. We decided to I to the Dublinia Museum to see the Viking and medieval history of the city. The Vikings were a really smart group of people and introduced many different technologies to the early Irish. After this I decided it was time to start back to the hotel, for me this is just wander through the streets in the hotel’s general direction. In doing so I wandered right into the heart of Dublin Castle. Once I found my way back to the hotel I checked out and decided to just pay and take a taxi to Busaras, the central bus station. I hopped the bus to Galway and was on my way to my next stop.
The bus ride was draining and then I had to walk to my bed bad breakfast which was completely uphill while lugging my suitcase behind me. I got to Asgard Bed and Breakfast and fell in love with the place. I got settled in and decided to walk back into town for dinner. I wandered around a bit and found a pub to go into and had a half pint of Guinness and a big bowl of Guinness stew which were both delicious. When I returned to the bed and breakfast I sat in the kitchen and talked to the owner and her family who were there helping her. They offered really good suggestions for my free day on Thursday. After that I went to bed.

I will follow up later with why I did on Monday later hopefully.


It’s Time!

Today’s the day!

I’m just sitting at the airport waiting for my first flight to Charlotte. US Airways recommended getting to the airport 3 hours early for international flights, but the line at security was pretty short. I got through the checkpoint within 15 minutes and have been hanging out at the gate since then.

On a side note, ebags were the greatest purchase for this trip. They are basically packing cubes. I was able to get all of my outfits crammed into two of the large bags.

I’ll try and update later once I land in Dublin!


This blog will provide you with a glimpse at the way I see life.  More or less it will be my travel blog. 

For starters, my name’s Rachel.  I’m a 23 year old, college grad, with a job I love conveniently located in my hometown. I have a love for history, travel, and learning new things.  Now that I have finished college and have locked down a career its time to start experiencing new things that I’ve never had time for in the past!  

The first on that list is, you guessed it… travel.  I have always been fascinated with seeing the way others live on an everyday basis.  When I travel, this is what I want to experience.  I don’t want to get stuck going to the tourist traps, I want an adventure that a local could suggest… a hole-in-the-wall restaurant that will put others to shame, a location filled with local heritage, etc.  Hopefully this blog will help to inspire someone to try something new with his/her life.

It’s better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times…