Its Official!

All hands on deck!  Official planning mode has begun!

Yesterday morning started off with me braving the sub-zero windchill, getting to work, and submitting my vacation request within an hour of me being there.  I spent the remainder of work day dreaming about this trip; in Rachel terms that would be me mentally creating a list of things I’ll need to do prior to the trip, my itinerary options (yes that’s plural I like to have multiple plans!), etc.  The day was so long and I thought it would never end!

I came home and found the flight I wanted through US Airways entered my passenger info and then it happened… I started second guessing myself!?  I knew as soon as I hit the submit button there was no turning back.  Could I really do this trip?  Should I really go by myself?  Am I crazy?!  NO, not happening!  I’m totally doing this!  So, I hit submit but I took too long to decide and my session timed out… seriously?!

So, I restarted this process (minus the second guessing this time) and I can now officially say I’m going on my grand tour of Ireland in 127 days!


Possible Itinerary

Alright, so I think I have narrowed my Ireland destinations down to a manageable handful.

Fly out of the US to Dublin.  Stay 2 days in Dublin.  Head out to Galway and stay 3 days.  Next stop will be Doolin where I’ll stay 1.5 days.  Ennis will wrap up the trip with 1.5 days.  The last day I will fly out of Shannon back to the US.

I really wanted to narrow down my locations to decide which airports to fly into and out of.  I’ll spend the next leg of research looking at things to do, where to stay, etc.  Depending on what I find, the days in each city may be adjusted.


This blog will provide you with a glimpse at the way I see life.  More or less it will be my travel blog. 

For starters, my name’s Rachel.  I’m a 23 year old, college grad, with a job I love conveniently located in my hometown. I have a love for history, travel, and learning new things.  Now that I have finished college and have locked down a career its time to start experiencing new things that I’ve never had time for in the past!  

The first on that list is, you guessed it… travel.  I have always been fascinated with seeing the way others live on an everyday basis.  When I travel, this is what I want to experience.  I don’t want to get stuck going to the tourist traps, I want an adventure that a local could suggest… a hole-in-the-wall restaurant that will put others to shame, a location filled with local heritage, etc.  Hopefully this blog will help to inspire someone to try something new with his/her life.

It’s better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times…


Ireland Planning Has Begun…

After some thought, I’ve decided to make my dream of Ireland a reality.

Rough planning puts this trip in the timeframe of late May to take advantage of the Memorial Day holiday to minimize my vacation usage.  Potential sights include: Dublin, Galway (definite stop, ancestral homeland), Ennis (Fleadh Nua Music Festival!), Cliffs of Moher, etc.  More details to come as I iron out the details.

Back to my research…

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Lonely Planet Ireland

Rick Steves’ Ireland 2014