Its Official!

All hands on deck!  Official planning mode has begun!

Yesterday morning started off with me braving the sub-zero windchill, getting to work, and submitting my vacation request within an hour of me being there.  I spent the remainder of work day dreaming about this trip; in Rachel terms that would be me mentally creating a list of things I’ll need to do prior to the trip, my itinerary options (yes that’s plural I like to have multiple plans!), etc.  The day was so long and I thought it would never end!

I came home and found the flight I wanted through US Airways entered my passenger info and then it happened… I started second guessing myself!?  I knew as soon as I hit the submit button there was no turning back.  Could I really do this trip?  Should I really go by myself?  Am I crazy?!  NO, not happening!  I’m totally doing this!  So, I hit submit but I took too long to decide and my session timed out… seriously?!

So, I restarted this process (minus the second guessing this time) and I can now officially say I’m going on my grand tour of Ireland in 127 days!

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